Bathroom Renovations

INHAUS LIVING BATHROOMS are second to none.

At INHAUS LIVING we understand that a bathroom is a unique & essential part of the home.
We combine innovative design, leading products, quality materials and your dreams with our exceptional service to deliver you the very best bathrooms in Sydney.

There are many elements that make up a beautiful bathroom from choosing the right fixtures, perfecting your style guide and nailing ambient lighting to create a luxurious space.

We don’t just build and renovate bathrooms, we bring your dreams to life ensuring that every time you walk into your bathroom, you feel a little bit of luxury and elegance.

We are intuitive operators focused on understanding your needs, wants and wildest dreams to bring that vision to life.

With a team of dedicated experts in this space, you can feel confident and empowered during the process with access to our expertise and resources. Working with the INHAUS living team empowers you to understand how we transform bathrooms into relaxation havens.

Our process is simple. We thoroughly investigate and understand what you are trying to achieve whilst providing you customised to options to meet your requirements. We map out the journey of bathroom creation from consultation right through to completion where you will walk away happy and excited to showcase the newest room in your home.

Take the stress and time demands out of renovation, rely on the specialists who guarantee quality, customisation and complete sophistication for your bathroom transformation.

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